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Apeldoorn 2005



SERIAL 13877 HULL 12874

Data Plate

In 2008 the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada Regimental Museum obtained a Universal Carrier Mk. I* by donation for restoration to running condition.

The armour had all be removed (as usual) and the engine house panels and most of the bins, seats, brackets etc. The front skirts are there and the instrument panel and engine appear to be complete. She is tired looking but the original markings are partly visible. The 5 in a yellow outline circle Bridge Sign is on the right front fender. The remains of the unit sign is on the left front fender and on the rear. Surprisingly the data plate is still there! This UC was used on a small island off Schwartz Bay near Victoria, B.C. and was donated in 2008.

DND Number - Unknown. Lost when armour was removed. We have asked if any parts survive that we can use in the restoration and I naturally want to find the DND number as there is a chance that this UC was used by the 2nd Bn SHC in WWII as I have photos of them training in them apparently on Vancouver Island c. 1944.

WD Number - I want to remove the top of the instrument panel and am hoping the WD number under it on the top edge of the armour there, though as I recall, the numer is a little further over towards passenger so it was likely cut away. I hope we can find that piece and the number.

It will be restored to represent a 1st Bn Seaforth UC in Sicily-Italy-Holland in 1943-45.
Unit sign: 61 on green.
Formation sign: 1st Canadian Infantry Division.

Front Rear SLING HERE marking partly visible on glacis plate
Bridge Sign on right front fender - 5 inside yellow circle Remains of unit sign on left front fender. Appears to be a 10. Seaforth F-8 truck unloading a 3" Mortar c. 1944 in training in British Columbia. Not the unit sign 10.
Left side. Note left headlight still in place. Right side


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