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WWII Trailer

Canada built and used trailers with her military vehicles. 

In WWII the sizes were by hundredweight (Cwt.) which equals 112 pounds. Thus:  10 Cwt. = 1/2 Ton (jeep and small truck size).

10 Cwt. 

Canadian built 10 Cwt GS trailer in action.
The Pictorial History of Canada's Army Overseas 1939-1945 page 238
Trailer 10-P-GS-1.jpg (54796 bytes) Trailer, 10 Cwt. 10-P-GS-1 Composite wood and metal construction. Made in Canada. The lunette is reversible so that it can adjusted for a high (e.g. 60 Cwt. - 3 Tonner) or low (e.g. jeep) towing vehicle to help keep it level. Photo from AEDB DESIGN RECORD.
AEDB Trailer 10 Cwt chassis.jpg (202512 bytes)AEDB Trailer 10 Cwt 10-P-GS-1 wood.jpg (226710 bytes)AEDB Trailer 10 Cwt 10-P-GS-2.jpg (234478 bytes)AEDB Trailer 10 Cwt page 3.jpg (281666 bytes)
Pages from the DESIGN RECORD Volume VII TRAILERS. 
Trailer 10-CWT GS Willys MBT.jpg (223014 bytes)  Trailer 10 Cwt, GS  Code 10-P-GS  as made by Willys-Overland. From Dr. Bill Gregg reprint of a 1944 Vehicle Data Book of the Canadian Army.
Trailer MB-T.jpg (152221 bytes)  Willys MB-T trailer from reprint of a WWII US manual on the jeep and trailer. Trailer MB-T made by Willys in the USA during World War II. This is a 1/4 Ton trailer towed mainly by jeeps. It is 6 volt electrical system (M100 had 24 V); has NO corner handles (those came on later M100 trailer in 1950s); and NO tailgate (those came on Civilian T-3C trailers). Tires are 6.00x16 on "combat" (split) rims. During WWII Bantam also made virtually identical trailers. These are called the Bantam T-3 (NOTE: The T-3C is CIVILIAN post-war). These were classed as 10 Cwt by the Canadian Army in WWII.
1 Canadian Parachute Battalion was part of the British 6 Airborne Division and as such used some 10 Cwt Lt. Wt. trailers e.g. for Mortar Platoon and Medical.

20 CWT.

Trailer 20 Cwt composite AEDB V VII p 55.jpg (246649 bytes)Trailer 20 Cwt steel AEDB V VII p 56.jpg (221971 bytes)  Click to enlarge.
Pages 55 - 56 from Volume VII of the Canadian DESIGN RECORD (originally published by the  "Army Engineering Design Branch" (AEDB)  as a set of 8 volumes published in 1945. These scans are from my originals of the next edition - a 2 book set published by Directorate of Vehicle Development, QMG Branch, DND. 

Canada used and built many other trailers. The above are just some of the most common WWII types.


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