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Tuesday, September 16 2014 @ 09:23 AM UTC

Militaria - Sell/Trade

I have a new Wix website with SOME of these items listed for sale and showing photos of these items. On the website you are now viewing I cannot add photos. NOTE that not everything has been listed on the new website, only some of the key items at this time. So I suggest that you look at this site, and then look at



I am a collector, researcher and military enthusiast, not a dealer. The following items are for sale by myself, Colin Stevens. I am a private collector, and every once in a while I have some items to sell either because they are duplicates or as is more often the case, I want to acquire something else for the collection. I am usually willing to trade for items I would like (see my Militaria Wanted page).

On eBay I use the identity "seaforth_highlander " and so far I have a PERFECT 100% RECORD (over 1,000)  If you are interested in any of these items, please send an e-mail to seaforth72 (at) Please use a descriptive subject line or it will be treated as spam.

Prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Postage is extra. There is no handling fee and I only charge for packaging at the actual cost and then only if I have to spend money for it. Payment may be made in converted amount in PAPER US dollars, GBP or Euros. Americans should note that Canada Post is more expensive than the USPS. I do accept PayPal using the identity seaforth72 (at)  To calculate the conversion of currencies try

Items will be deleted from the list after they are sold. All relevant laws must be complied with e.g. regarding firearms.


Colin Macgregor Stevens  seaforth72 (at) 







    3 - INSIGNIA



    6 - BOOKS & MANUALS 

 LIST UPDATED 2014 May 25 Items are marked in orange and as "SOLD" and eventually they are removed from the listing.

Photos - Due to a new program which is causing problems, I can only post links to photos. When you click on a link, click on back arrow to return. If you close the window, it closes my page. Sorry but I do not know how to work around that.

Postage - AT COST, but postage is added to the price of items below. WARNING - Canada Post is more expensive that US Postal service. Books can be expensive to mail. I can provide postage quotes. No handling charges.

NO Tax as I am not a dealer.


1 - MILITARY VEHICLE RELATED (for manuals see section 6 below)



 BSA Airborne bicycle, second model (one fat tube between seat and pedals). Includes an original pump (not BSA brand). Has original grips, paint, decals. Original BSA Model 40 seat  and paint Original tool pouch and the correct two BSA tools. $2,500


Decal (transfer) W.W. II NOS Canadian maple leaf on brown circle. ID is available. Folding damage $50


 Jeep trailer listed elsewhere in this site has been SOLD. Due to technical problems I cannot delete that ad at this time.


 General Officer Commanding's staff car flag as flown on jeeps etc.- Scottish Command. Yellow lion on red and black army commander's flag. Do not know name of the General. Excellent condition. This is the Army Commander's flag with yellow Scottish lion superimposed on both sides. Beautifully made.  $100




 1941 British leather jerkin. Size No. 2 Height 5'7" to 5' 10" Chest 37" to 43". Kessle(?) Bros. (M/c) Ltd. Manchester, [England] Leather is typical British thin and weak leather. A couple of tears on one side. Fine for parades or mannequin displays. As worn by Commando soldiers and virtually all army troops. Getting hard to find as most were worn out from use during and after the war. Three tears on right side - shown in photos. Ex-movie rentals (S&M Costumers, Vancouver, BC). This one for sale is identical to the one my father wore with No. 4 Commando in 1943 and is in much better condition but I am keeping my Dad's one for sentimental reasons even though it is in worse condition. $200






 RCMP Stetson hat. 1963. VERY SMALL SIZE! Hat band may not be original as the buckle is not wrapped in leather (I was informed that RCMP buckles were always clad in leather). Old repair at back where brim joins crown. Good display piece. Had to get as eBay Canada will not allow police items to be sold. Ex-Dr. Bill Windrum Collection. This one got to $150 on eBay before they pulled the ad. $125



 German WWII M42 helmet - complete, all original. Original. No decals (normal by mid-WWII), no history. $475










Photos of Bill Windrum badge panels. Click on link then use < > to scroll.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="01A Windrum Panel"/></a>  

Dr. Bill Windrum Collection - Vancouver, BC. Presently selling off remains of his hat collection and knives  (a few residual knives  as he sold his best knives). US insignia collection. Lots of US Special Forces, US Airborne and US Infantry. Upcoming will be many more badges and his medal collection (not in my hands yet). Photos available. Prices vary. DUI $5 each on avaerage. Parachute ovals, US Parachute wings. Some jacket crests.


 US Army Air Assault badges - group of 3. These show a Huey helicopter with wings. One is STERLING silver, one is subdued black metal and the third is a small silver coloured lapel pin for civilian wear. Ex-Dr. Bill Windrum Collection. $45


4 - Weapons and Ordnance









 Bren Gun sling clips. Various conditions. Derusted and reblued by a gun smith.  Pair $40


 Bren Gun tool - 5-1/4" long. For Mark I Shaped like a metal pipe, with one end flattened and a screwdriver blade. Round end has two notches. May have some surface rust. Have several found in an old BC surplus store. $10


 Bren Gun sling - New Old Stock. Post-WWII Danish manufacture. Fits Lee Enfield, Bren, etc. This is longer type for Bren Gun. Green not brown in colour. Marked with crown and three letters. With two original used clips for attaching to Bren. These are the late style "small" clips. Bren slings are rare. SOLD 


 MP38u40 sling >>> ORIGINAL <<<< leather. Not issue marked. Original but may be post-WWII manufacture. Cross-hatching design on exterior of sling. $100


 MP38u40 sling REPLICA with faked war time markings. $35











 Smatchet, OSS, WWII. VERY RARE. No issue markings. Original and old fighting knife developed by William Fairbairn in WWII. Scabbard is slightly dinged from storage. Blade is grey parkerized and has never been sharpened. $950  SOLD PENDING FUNDS 2014-05-25  


 USMC Stiletto by Camillus in WWII with original scabbard. RARE. Blade is full length (many had tips broken off), NO USMC scroll or CAMILLUS marking BUT the grip is totally intact without cracks! Many grips disintegrated. Scabbard modified slightly by the Marine. Snap tab removed and a leather loop fitted to retain the knife in the scabbard. $950  

 [I am looking for the all black version issued to the Canadians and some Americans. ]



 REPLICA Chindit sleeve knife with scabbard. White Ivory (?) grip with spiral groove.. Sticker on it says CHINDIT "ORDE" KNIFE. Scabbard is a cut-down F-S Fighting knife scabbard with rivet on front of scabbard tip, as is blade. Unsharpened 6 inch blade. I believe that it is a reproduction. Stitching on leg or arm strap glows under UV light indicating it is possibly Polyester thus new. I think the knife would get lost right away in service as there is no retention system. From the Dr. Bill Windrum Collection.   $250


 Magazine loader, box style, looks like Sten box loader but is French made. Apparently for Vigneron SMG. Does NOT fit a Sten magazine. $20




 Original newspaper paper (2-sided) from England in 1811. August. "Naval Intelligence" Just before the War of 1812! Reports on the health of his Majesty (King George III was quite mad at this time),as well as comments on the Prince Regent and the Queen. Articles on "Duelling Notoriety" "Insolvent Debtors" Reports of problems with the French. Duke of Wellington is mentioned. Rag content paper so the paper is in excellent condition. 201 years old!  $40


 US Rucksack, 1942 with WWII Canadian army markings. Possibly used on Kiska Invasion but I cannot confirm that. Canadian soldier's name and regimental number are stencilled in black on outside and inside of the flap.    GATES    M     L606178  Unfortunately this number does not tell us which regiment he served in, only that his number was assigned to him at No. 12 Dirstrict Depot in Saskatchewan. He was NOT in the First Special Service Force. This is definitely a WWII soldier's name and number and not a post-war user as serial numbers changed duiring the Korean War. For the 1943 Kiska invasion, Canadian troops were equipped with American weapons and webbing but not in Europe. $100


 Certificate of Military Qualification - Active Militia of Canada 1935 INFANTRY  L/Corporal J Forrest of the Black Watch (R.H.) of Canada  Camp School of Infantry 19th August 1935 to 14th September 1935 at St. Jean, Quebec. Signed by J. W. H. Van den Berg  Major and by Commandant of Campt School of Infantry.  $15





MANUALS - Vehicles


 Manual, 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck (Willys-Overland Model MB and Ford Model GPW) (the classic WWII army jeep) US War Department February 1944.  TM9-803    242 pages. Illustrated. Used. ORIGINAL. Cover coming loose . Stains on cover and rear on spine. 1947 Printing by US Army. $75


 Rare original manual - "Operating Instructions and Workshop manual - Car Scout Mk. II and Mk. III* Canadian (Lynx I) SC-F1 and F2 May 1943. Has pencilled "10" in upper left corner of cover. Complete with one removable poster - one showing kit stowage on the vehicle. It is missing the one showing lubrication. Large manual about 3/4" thick. $350


 Rare original manual - "Operating Instructions and Workshop manual - Car Scout Mk. II and Mk. III* Canadian (Lynx I) SC-F1 and F2 May 1943. Has pencilled "10" in upper right corner of cover. Complete with two removable posters - one showing kit stowage on the vehicle and the other show lubrication. Large manual about 3/4" thick. $400


      ORIGINAL Jeep manuals SERVICE MANUAL JEEP UNIVERSAL & DISPATCHER; 1951 parts list; 1960 parts catalogue. VERY WELL USED. In three ring binder$20


Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America (JOMSA) 
From the reference library of Dr. Bill Windrum.

1. Volume 60 Jan-Feb 2009 No. 1 & July-Aug.  No. 4
2. Volume 61 of 6 issues Entire year 2010
3. Volume 62 Jan-Feb 2011 No. 1
All of the above for $25 plus postage.


MANUALS - Weapons





British Sterling SMG.  (Obsolete)  82 pages. Illustrated. SOLD


 Manual - Weapon Recognition Guide  - 5th Marine Amphibious Brigade March 1975. 68 pages. Marked up by former user. Soviet weapons  Anti-aircraft, anti-tank/anti-personnel; Mortars; rocket launchers;  rockets; artillery; armor (armour); Missiles; aircraft. Fair condition. $10


MANUALS - Aircraft






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