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BSA_Parabike_brochure_cover.jpg (78406 bytes) BSA_PAracbike_brochure_inside.jpg (82484 bytes) BSA_Parabike_brochure_rear_cover.jpg (63756 bytes)
Front, centre-spread and rear cover of US version of the Parabike brochure. (Colin Stevens' Collection)

After World War II, BSA produced a civilian version of the airborne bicycle and called it the Parabike. 

These were rigid bicycles for boys and girls and BSA's advertising linked their design to the types of bicycles such as their fathers might have used in the war. 

The term "Parabike" appears on BSA postwar literature and this is the FIRST mention that I have found of this term, so I believe (until shown otherwise) that this is a post-war name. The wartime manuals refer to the military version as the "airborne bicycle".

Many collectors now call the military bicycles "Parabikes" but I believe that this is incorrect. 


After WWII, the Danes acquired a supply of surplus WWII BSA airborne bicycles. They added a serial number on the seat post apparently, (just below the seat) and their serial number starts with CF ... In the early 2000s, they sold a bunch surplus. Many were complete and in excellent condition. An original one will also have the BSA serial number. 

The Danes also made copies so the serial numbers are the main clue. Also the BSA bikes have BSA stamped in several places. 

More recently, a bicycle called the Galaxy has been on the market and takes its design from the airborne bicycle as well, but is not an exact copy. 

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