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Historically, in World War II, MAPLE LEAF UP was the First Canadian Army's supply route to the front lines in North West Europe in 1944-45. Maple Leaf Down was the return route for empty supply trucks, ambulances with wounded etc. 

In Italy, 1 Canadian Corps' route to the battle lines was called "SUN UP" I believe.

First_Cdnb_Army_HQ_locs1944-45_A.jpg (187587 bytes) First_Cdnb_Army_HQ_locs_1945_B.jpg (178082 bytes)


The above portions of two maps show the Maple Leaf route in general. The various locations of First Canadian Army's Headquarters are shown from Normandy in the summer of 1944, through to Holland in the Spring of 1945. Click on images to enlarge. I apologize for the poor quality. They are scanned from photographs of souvenir maps that were printed by First Canadian Army at the end of WWII. I obtained the photos from General Crerar's Aide de Camp (ADC). The originals are in colour, but are shown here in Black & White to keep the file size down. 

Surrounding the maps are the formation signs of formations that were under command of First Canadian Army - including the US 82nd All-American Airborne Division, and the US 101st Screaming Eagles Airborne Division. 


WANTED: ORIGINALS of these two souvenir maps. I have seen them in many military museums and officers' messes, but would like a set for myself.

Maple Leaf Up cover V24 No1 2001 Feb.jpg (117444 bytes) Many years ago Colin Stevens took this historic name and applied it to the newsletter of the Western Command Military Vehicle Historical Society. I am also web master of the club web site at and Editor (life-sentence it seems) of the society's newsletter MAPLE LEAF UP. 

More recently, a web start was started up in Ontario and was independently called MAPLE LEAF UP.  It is owned and operated by Geoff Winnington-Ball. There is also an excellent discussion forum called MAPLE LEAF UP that is part of that. I support that site and participate in the MLU forum, but am not connected with it.



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