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Letters to Neil Macgregor.

We have some from the 1830s on up. Eventually I shall post scans as well as transcripts.

March 18, 1831 letters of reference for Niel MacGregor 

1831_March_18 D Campbell et al.jpg (588091 bytes)

That the Bearer Niel McGregor is a Native of this part of the Parish of

Fortingall, in which he resided for the most part from his infancy: is about

fifteen years of age; is well known to us; is inoffensive and obliging

in his manners and has always maintained an excellent moral

character free of every scandal and ground of Church Censure so

far as is known to us, is Certified at Kinloch Rannoch this

18th. March 1831 by                                           

John McDonald Minr [Minister]                                                                  

John Forbes Elder [I.e. a Church Elder]                                                                 

John Cumming Elder                                                                       

D Campbell SepClk [? Clk = Clerk?]                                                                                            

Original letter owned by Dr. Estelle Stevens, Vancouver, BC  2005               
1831_march_18 d campbell.jpg (347206 bytes)
March 18, 1831 letter of reference from Niel McGregor's Schoolteacher, Dun(can) Campbell.

The bearer Niel McGregor received his education in the school under my

Charge in this place, and it affords me much sincere pleasure in being able to testify that

He is a young boy of excellent natural parts, of quick capacity, of amiable disposition,

Always obedient to his teacher, agreeable and obliging towards his Schoolmates, and

Guided in his whole Conduct by principles strictly honest, upright and honourable.

Kinloch   18th March 1831  ~     Dun. [Duncan?] Campbell,  SocGSchoolmr. [?]


Ref: The Old Church of Rannoch - a short history  by Duncan McDonald Sinclair (1990)  states in the Foreword "The suspension in 1838 of the Session Clerk (local Schoolmaster Duncan Campbell) pending a paternity claim promised to be a little more intriguing - but nothing was ever proved, so far as I could see."  

When I visited in 2005, I found a grave for a Duncan Campbell, Schoolteacher. See below. Is it the same man?
"In memory of Duncan CAMPBELL Schoolmaster Auchtarsin Public School Died 18th April 1908. 
Also his wife Jane Forbes died August 1907."
000015-R1-011-4..jpg (645307 bytes) 000015-R1-013-5..jpg (577720 bytes) 000015-R1-015-6..jpg (615074 bytes)
"In loving memory of JOHN MACGREGOR who died at Dall Rannoch 11th Decr. 1912, aged 86 years and CHRISTIAN STEWART his wife who died at Dall Rannoch 5th April 1920, aged 91 years.
Also of DUNCAN his son who died in Washington U.S.A. 7th July 1905, aged 49 years.
And of JESSIE their daughter who died at Kinloch Rannoch 7th March 1942 aged 79 years
And their son CHARLES who died at Kinloch Rannoch 22nd Decr. 1952 aged 84 years."
"In loving memory of DONALD MACGREGOR died 2nd July 1928 aged 82
His wife EUPHEMIA SIMPSON died 26th June 1906 aged 33
Their infant son IAN DONALD died 5th Sept. 1906"
loving memory
who died 3rd June 1938
aged 80 years
his wife
who died 18th October 1960
aged 90 years
And their daughters
Who died 11th June 1971
Aged 72 years
KATHERINE JEAN who died 4th January 1981
Aged 86 years
Who died 13th November 1988
Aged 86 years
And their son
Who died 9th July 1999
Aged 93 years
000015-R1-019-8..jpg (573081 bytes)
Centre stone of three:
In Loving Memory
30TH  MAY 1974
Stone (no photo)
DIED AUGt 22nd 1901
Right hand stone of three:
Sweetest remembrance of
6(?)TH JUNE 1957 AGED 81 YEARS
19TH APRIL 1987
23RD MAY 1987


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1831 March 18 - Letter of reference from Church minister and Elders for Niel McGregor

1831_March_18 D Campbell et al.jpg (588091 bytes)
That the Bearer Niel McGregor is a Native of this part of the Parish of
Fortingall, in which he resided for the most part from his infancy: is about
fifteen years of age; is well known to us; is inoffensive and obliging
in his manners and has always maintained an excellent moral
character free of every scandal and ground of Church Censure so
far as is known to us, is Certified at Kinloch Rannoch this
18th. March 1831 by              John McDonald Minr [Minister]
                                                John Forbes Elder 
[I.e. a Church Elder]
                                                John Cumming Elder
                                               D Campbell SessClk 
Original letter owned by Dr. Estelle Stevens, Vancouver, BC  2005         


1831 March 18 - Letter of reference from Schoolmaster Duncan Campbell for Niel McGregor

1831_March_18 d campbell.jpg (347206 bytes)
The bearer Niel McGregor received his education in the school under my
Charge in this place, and it affords me much sincere pleasure in being able to testify that
He is a young boy of excellent natural parts, of quick capacity, of amiable disposition,
Always obedient to his teacher, agreeable and obliging towards his Schoolmates, and
Guided in his whole Conduct by principles strictly honest, upright and honourable.
Kinloch   18th March 1831  ~     Dun. [Duncan?] Campbell,  SocGSchoolmr. [?]


1832-03-24 Duncan Campbell, Kinloch Rannoch schoolteacher to former student Niel McGregor in Canada

1832_March_24 pg 1 D Campbell.jpg (1233709 bytes)

Page 1

1832_March_24 pg 2 D Campbell.jpg (2065608 bytes)

Page 2

1832_March_24 pg 3 D Campbell.jpg (2157610 bytes)

Page 3

1832_March_24 pg 4 D Campbell.jpg (981541 bytes)

Page 4

NOTE: In 1838 Duncan Campbell, schoolteacher was suspended as Session Clerk pending a paternity claim. Nothing was ever proved apparently. Ref. Foreword,  THE OLD CHURCH OF RANNOCH - A SHORT HISTORY  by Duncam McDonald Sinclair  1990 


1832-03-27 Katherine McGregor to grandson Niel 

1832_March_27 pg 1 K McGregor.jpg (1517773 bytes)
Letter Mrs. Catherine McGregor
Kinloch March 27th, 1832
[Label apparently added by Niel Mcgregor upon receipt of the letter.]
Kinloch March 27, 1832
My Dear Niell  
         After receiving your letter
I was sorry to learn that you was attacked
by the Eague [ague?] and fever although Mr McPherson
mentioned in his letter to your Uncle that you
got quite full [?] of it. Still I am uneasy
as you did not write me as your mother.
I have found the Gospel Catechism
which I am to in close [enclose] to you in hopes
that you will study it and your Bible
all the leisure hours you will have.
Especially on the Lord’s Day and I trust that
you will never forget the Rule that I
have set before you in bowing the knee
Morning and Evening to that Great God
before you must __________[?] one later give
account of all your Doings in the
next place I request you to be obedient
to your Uncle and endeavour to please
him and be advised by him as you
know that it is on him that you Depend for
be sure to avoid bad company  +c [et cetera i.e. and so on]
1832_March_27 pg 2 K McGregor.jpg (1914110 bytes)
I have found your Black knife and
Have sent by your Uncle how [who] will
Tell you all the news of this Country
Tommy Robertson is a wonder
Full Scholar He is reading the Collaton [?]
And the Galek [Gaelic?] Testament you ave [have?] as
faith in his memory as Mrs Day you
_____ will miss and when ever you
write be sure to remember that family
above all others  I wish to hear [?] from [?]
you and ____{account?] of this   I must conclud [sic]
wish all the happiness that ____[these?]
words ________[?] Duncan Robertson [?]
his wife and Johnny joins me
in love to you.
I remain your Affet [Affectionate?] Grand
         Mother Katherine McGregor
[Note she spells her name with a K whereas Niel (?) titles letter with a C for Catherine.  Note also that this is Niel’s GRANDMOTHER McGregor, so she would be Duncan MacGregor’s mother and he, Duncan, died 1852. Duncan’s son Niel was born 1816. Katherine McGregor was likely born about 1760-1770]

Duncan MacGregor to son Niel in Canada, March 30, 1835

1835_March_30 pg 1 D Macgregor.jpg (3140264 bytes)

                                                Paisley 30 March 1835


My Dear Son


            On the 2d current your Uncle Gregor

received a letter from our friend Patrick dated

Kingston 3 Febry. Communicating the Death of

my Brother James which has grieved our friends

here + in Perthshire very much. Sometime ago

we heard that he intended coming home +

we were all in hopes of again seeing him

but in this we have been disappointed.

His mother in particular has been much

distressed since she heard of his Death. I wrote

her a few days after the sect. (?) of Patrick’s letter

but she has not yet been able to write me

She however caused John to write me + he stated

that he had a letter from Mr. Donald Stewart

announcing Jamess death. + further adds that

Mr. S. stated in his letter, that you were in his

service, + that he had taken the premises at

Napanee lately by James. + that

Mr. Stewart + Mr. Ramsey had entered into

partnership. My Dear Neill. Now that you

are deprived of your Uncle + I presume the

__________________________ (scan is cropped)


1835_March_30 pg 2 D Macgregor.jpg (2810419 bytes)
1835_March_30 pg 3 D Macgregor.jpg (3025434 bytes)
1835_March_30 pg 4 D Macgregor.jpg (1260045 bytes)

1837 March 24 Duncan MacGregor in Paisley, Scotland writing to son Niel in Canada.

1837_March_24 pg 2 D Macgregor.jpg (1058583 bytes)

1837_March_24 pg 1 D Macgregor.jpg (2123235 bytes)

[1837 March 24]


My Father

Paisley 24th March

1837 [Note: It was written on Niel’s birthday]

SHIP (stamped ink)

Per Canada        Recd 18th May (?)


Mr. Niel McGregor

Care of Wm. Duff Esqr.


Upper Canada

Postal mark, round MONTREAL   MY (i.e. MAY) 10 1837

(red wax seal)


I have wrote Patrick by this Conveyance

also Say the Canada .



Annexed is an order for five pounds Sterling pay=

=able to your order. I have thought it better to send

this rather as a watch being afraid the Watch might

be lost or damaged . Seeing it would have to be sent

so very far + very likely by various conveyances. five

pounds should be sufficient to purchase a tolerable

good watch. I wrote my Mother sometime ago for an

extract of your Age but it has not yet come to

to (sic) hand. I may however state that you were born

on the 24th March 1816. I had a letter from

My Mother a few weeks ago She still lives

at Kinlock [i.e. Kinloch Rannoch]. She had an attack of her

old disorder lately that of excessive bleeding at

the nose which left her weak, She is very angry

at you for not writing her. Do so soon as she will

be very glad indeed to hear from you.

The whole of the Glengow (?) [this last word crossed out]  Lockhgarry (?) Estate + Kinlock

+ were to be let this spring but have

not heard the parties who have taken them.

Innerhadden is also to let the old Laird died

in January last. Mother _+ the children are all well

+ join me in Kind love to you also Gregor + his

family. Dont neglect to write on rect (i.e. receipt of this money order and letter) to your

                        Affectionate father D. Macgregor



Innerhaddon means Beginning of the Fight. Located near Kinloch Rannoch.

Dalchosnie means Field of Victory. Located near Kinloch Rannoch.


1837 August 24 Duncan MacGregor to son Niel MacGregor in Canada

1837_August_24 pg 1 D Macgregor.jpg (2008682 bytes)

Page 1

Paisley , 24 Augt. 1837


My Dear Son


On the 24th March last I wrote you

+ inclosed (sic) a draft for Five pounds Sterling

which I hope you are in possession of, long

ere this time. I had expected to have heard

from you acknowledging receipt of the same

before before this time. + if you have not done so
I trust you will do so on receipt of this


            I saw a person yesterday who saw my

Mother last week  She was in her usual



            I should have stated that my letter of 24th

March referred to above was sent by the ship

Canada + I wrote Patrick by the same conveyance


            Uncle John and his family were all well five

weeks ago. This you can communicate to

Patrick as I do not write him at this time.


            Uncle Gregor + his family are well + also

my own all of whom join me in

1837_August_24 pg 2 D Macgregor.jpg (2149721 bytes)

Page 2

[Page 2]


in s (?) and kind love to Patrick + yourself.


            Trusting to hear from you in reply

to this if not sooner


                        I am Dear Neill

                        Your Affectionate father

                        D. Macgregor

1837_August_24 pg 3 D Macgregor.jpg (940489 bytes)

Page 3

[Page 3 – outside addressed portion]


pr. Sophia

[Probably the ship’s name]

                                                                                                1/6/D (?)

[1 shilling and sixpence?]

[Postage cancellation stampings: “??????? LETTER   MONTREAL ” and “ MONTREAL ??? 28 1837    LC [for Lower Canada, now Quebec ].


Mr. Neil McGregor

Care of Wm. Duff Esqr.


            Upper Canada


1841 December 30 Duncan MacGregor to son Neill

1841_December-30 pg 1 D Macgregor.jpg (2852980 bytes)

1841_December-30 pg 2 D Macgregor.jpg (3432654 bytes)

1841_December-30 pg 3 D Macgregor.jpg (2896901 bytes)

1841_December-30 pg 4 D Macgregor.jpg (2532843 bytes)

26 Orchard Street
Paisley 30 Decemr. 1841
Dear Neill,
The last letter I had from you,
Is dated, Chippawa 9th March 1838. + on
That letter, I have two Memorandums, stating
That I had written you, on the 3d August 1838.
+ the 28th March 1839. I would have written
you, again had I known your address but
the Conclusion I came to, was, that you
had either, left that place, or have gone
“to that land from whence no traveller
returns.” Seeing that you did not, answer either
of my letters refered (sic) to above.
           I was delighted a few days Since, in
Receiving a Note, Dated Edin. 18th cert. [?] from
A Mr. Thomas C. MacKland Stating that he
Knew you, that you were in the employ of
A brother of his, at Niagara + that he had a
Letter from you, that day, in which you stated
Your wish, that he should call upon me,
+which he states, he would have done before now
(page 2)
but that he, was under the Necessity, of going
to Dublin but on his return, I expect to have
a call from him, he gave me his address in
Dublin, + I have written to him there.
         I can assure you, My Dear Son, that it
Has given me, a great deal of pleasure thus, to
Hear of you, + as one of the American Steam
Packets, is to sail from Liverpool on the 4th proxmo
I cannot delay writing you, before I have the
pleasure of seeing Mr. MacKland
          You may perhaps expect, that I should com-
=municate, some Rannoch News to you, but I
at present recollect of very little in Connection
with that quarter, that can be at all interesting
to you. Did you hear that My Mother Died
in Novr. 1839. She was complaining , + was weakly
for sometime, before her death but was able to be
out of bed, a little every day. The very day she died,
she was down stairs. + the immediate cause of her
death was an overflowing of Blood to the Head.
Your uncle Johns family live in Lesegan (?) his
Son Patrick has been attending the College
at Edinr every Season, since he returned from
Canada + sailed from this for New York in August
Last, + there has been a letter from him announc-
cing his arrival there. He has gone to the States with
(page 3)
the intention of pushing his fortune, as a Learned Man,
before he left this, he promised to me, that he would
write, to some of his old acquaintances, in Kingston,
in order to get, information respecting you + I have
no doubt, but he has done so _ so soon as he gets
your address, he will also write you.
       Have you seen in the Newspaper, or heard otherwise,
Of the great distress, which (?) has prevailed here, for the last
4 months, amongst our working population. We have
had upwards of forty failures, in that time, amongst
our Merchants, + Manufacturers the consequence of
             this has been, the throwing idle of many
             Thousands of our artisans + they have for
             Sometime past, been wholly dependant upon
The “cold Hand of charity” for support great exertions,
Have been made, throughout the country, to rise (sic) money, for
Their relief by preaching Sermons, lectures, Balls, Concerts + ___?
+ upwards of [Pounds Stirling symbol] has been raised, in this way + by
subscriptions, here in London here in London, Edinr + other places but this
affords, but a scanty relief to 12,000 individuals who are
depending upon this fund for a subsistence.
From the State that business, has been in her___
=time part, I have thought more, or Emigrating to
America, than I ever did before + if I were free of bus=
=iness, + had a few hundred pounds left. I do believe
that I would go, either to the Canadas or the States +
turn farmer. I intend giving up my present business + will
be clear of it by next May.  Now would you advise me
to go to Canada. What would a farm of 30 acres with 10 clear
___? Of it + a House upon it. Cost in a good situation + not
(page 4)
very remote, what part of Upper Canada, do you think the
most healthy. Or would you advise, an Emigrant to Settle
in, + what is the best Season, of the year for arriving
there. I mean for one who is to be a farmer. I believe that
climate there, differs a good deal, from what it is here,
that it is a great deal Colder, in Winter + that in Summer
the Heat is oppressive.
I should like to have your opinion, candidly upon this subject,
+ that immediately. I have heard, that our friend Neill Stewart,
is now quite “Independent” tho I believe that he has worked (?)
very hard + been very industrious since he went to Canada  do
you ever hear from or see him. Uncle Gregor + his family
are well + so is my own. I have four children 2 Boys + 2 Girls viz
Esther + Katherine  Patrick + James. You have seen them all except Katherine.
They are + their Mother join me in kind love to you
+ Believe me to be your affectionate Father
                                                          D. Macgregor
from Liverpool pr. Mail Steamer 4th Jany. 1842
Mr. Neil MacGregor
Care of Messrs. James MacKland + Co
Niagara Falls
Upper Canada
Recd 7th July
Ansd 14th do. 1842
Wrote to him 22d. April 1842
Mail cancellation rectangle PAISLEY DE 30 1841   ˝ written.
[Wax seal.]
[Round cancellation] NIAGARA FEB ?? 1842

1842 May 13 - Duncan MacGregor to son Neil

1842_May_13 pg 1 D Macgregor.jpg (2292215 bytes)

Page 1

1842_May_13 pg 2 D Macgregor.jpg (2427502 bytes)

Page 2

1842_May_13 pg 3 D Macgregor.jpg (2724102 bytes)

Page 3

1842_May_13 pg 4 D Macgregor.jpg (971912 bytes)

Page 4

Paisley 13 May 1842
My Dear Son
         Your letter of the 14th feb, I received
On the 21st April, you will observe, that it had
Not reached Halifax, in time for the March
Mail Steamer.
    I had a Call from Mr. MacKlem, early in
January last, on his return from Ireland, but
Have not heard anything of him Since.
     I am obliged to you, for the information, you
Give me, respecting Canada. I Shall be happy,
To hear from you, on this subject again. I
Cannot yet say, whether, I will go there or
Not at all events I cannot go this year for
I have a Nasty Stock of Manufactured fancy
Goods, still on hand which I must get quit
Of from the State of our Markets here it is
Not easy, to accomplish this, except by sacrificing
       A great many emigrants have Sailed from
the Clyde this season, both for the Canadas
+ the States + about 600 of these are from
this Town + Neighbourhood. + are Mostly of the
(Page 2)
poorer classes + Many more, would have gone
if they had the Means.
      Do you Know Anything, of my Aunt, the widow
Of the late Peter Campbell, Glenlyon, who went
To Canada, three or four years ago. Some of her
Family went there before her, I think they
Are somewhere about Perth.
     The Trade of this place has improven (sic) but
Little, Since I wrote you last. There are ____?
A great many of our Weavers, that Cannot
Get work + it is the Same in Glasgow, + in
All the other Manufacturing districts, both
In Scotland + England.
     You say you were to go to Brantford, to rent a
Mill, is this on your own account or on your
     I understand, there have been letters, from
Our friend Patrick, lately he has got a Situation
As Teacher of one of the Public Schools, at New=
=York, with a Salary of 600 Dollars for the first
year + he expects an advance at the end of
the first year. have you had any letters from
him, before he left this, he promised to me, that
(Page 3)
he would write to some of his old friends to enquire
for you, as I could not give him your address.
    I would have written you, by the Steamer of The 4th
But was in London, for about Ten days, at that
        16th May. I have this morning received,
yours of the 22 April + feel thankful for the (?) infor=
mation it contains. From what I have stated
on the otherside, you will observe, that this
year, I cannot emigrate, were I to dispose of the
Stock I hold, I would not get, one half of the
Cash price at present. I have therefore made
            up my mind, to see (?) it by piecemeal (?)
            rather than in lots + as there are
            a good many Articles in it, in winter
Colours. These will not be Saleable for some
months to come. How far is Brantford from
Chippawa + in what Direction, does it lye (sic) from
it + in going to Brantford from Quebec what
is the proper Route. 
              I have a letter this Morning from your Uncle
John, in which he states that friends in the
North are well + I am happy to say that Uncle
Gregor + his family are well also my own all
Of whom join me in the kindest love to you
+ Believe me to be, dear Neil
                        Your affectionate father
                         D. Macgregor


(Page 4)
I shall be most happy, to hear from you frequently
As we must now shake up the arrears we
Fall into for the last five years.
      Uncle Gregor is one of those who thinks that they
have as good a chance in their own Country as in
America + will stick to it “to the last
Is Donald Stewart Dalchalloch (?) still in Napanee
I heard sometime ago that Ramsay + he had
failed + that Donald was coming home.
Pr. Mail Steamer via Liverpool 19 May 1842 P.P.
Mr. Neil MacGregor
Car of O.(?) T. (?) MacKlem Esqr
Upper Canada
Wrote to him 14th Feby 1843
[Rectangular postal cancellation] PAISLEY  MY  16  184_
1842 May 17 A letter to Neil MacGregor from a friend
1842_May_17 pg 1 a friend.jpg (1629397 bytes)

Edinburgh – 82 George Street

May 17th 1842.


My Dear Mac –


“Crack-eye-Cob”! but you will think I  have been

Afther (sic) takin (sic) my own (and no body elses!) time, to answer your very kind

And equally acceptable letter of October last. It is nevertheless

Mac, as evidend (?), I hope, that I have taken every body else’s time (and

Not my own.) to answer the purport of your letter. If I am but

Now answering your letter, to yourself, it is as true, that I answed (sic)

It to your Father, the day I received it, and in such a manner too,

That if you did not immediately receive a letter from home, there

Must be no thread to my senew (?) – and I’m no cider-prep!

Then, this is the 4th letter that has sprung from the rich (?) seeds of

Your tartan, of 18 hundred and no particular time, at all – 1st ____(?),

To your Father – 2nd Your Father’s reply – 3rd Your Father’s to yourself,

And 4th and lastly, this miserable, writched (sic), dried-up, and hasty crop (?)

And certainly, this murder not only speaks well for the quality of your seed, but also serves


1842_May_17 pg 2 a friend.jpg (2897438 bytes)

(page 2)

To satisfactorily prove the richness of the soil, in which it has been

sown – not forgetting that we are chiefly indebted to the venerable

trunk, (your kind Father.) upojn which I so successfully engrafted (sic?)

the fruit of your seed, and which I so speedily (?) took and so kindly

grown (?), for your comfort, the long-looked for and much desired

production – (a letter from your Father, which you have, long over (?) this, happily tasted.)

          But to the less metaphorical, a more minute (?) – I received                       

Your favor in good time, i.e. in 7 weeks and 5 days from (one)

Date – (it has some half dorycu (?) dates however – and I have selected the eldest,

As the probable ____ to the letter.) It found me in bed, having been confined

To the house for some time previous, and having the day before,

(I believe) imported into the very bowels of my constitution, for the

Well-being thereof, grains of Calomel – However I read, marked,

Learned, and externally digested, your very amusing letter, which

Was indeed to me a feast, a rich repast – yes! It was to my

Happetite, (sic) a whole dinner-party, and consequently, to my

Health, a whole grainery of calomel, or jalop (?) either! Well, as

I above said, or tried to said, (sic) I received and read your friendly

Lines, in bed, and before the evening of the same day, had

Dispatched a letter to paisley, in which I said all I could say,

(na-more!) (sic) toward the gratification of a wish, as desirable and

Natural, in you to feel, as it certainly is sincerely gratifying to

Me, to be able to at all assist in having granted –

     Your Father immediately, and in the kindest possible manner,

Replied to my letter, and in about 3 weeks after, I had the

Happiness of calling upon him in Paisley . He was very

glad to see me – was very anxious I should spend the evening

with him – take a tumbler of Toddy (?) +c, which I would have given

much to have done, but which I will soon do, or my name

is not Jehosiphat! He made 10 hundred million thousand enquiries

about you, and the country you have adopted – and I am happy in

1842_May_17 pg 3 a friend.jpg (1972867 bytes)



The persuasion (what a pen!) that I gave liberal and satisfactory

Replies to all these enquiries – And thus after a shirt, but

very pleasant visit. I said goodbye, delighted to find your

kind Father had already written to you, and very much gratified

to see that you still possess as much of a father’s fondness

and affection as you could have possessed, even when

highest in parental favor. You must explain all your unkind

Canadian Kingston Friends ill behaviour to you, if you Father

should require it, or if you think he would like it. For I am

not sufficiently prepared to do it properly.

            I ever much regretted being obliged to leave Canada , without

again seeing you, Mac, but the receipt of your letter gave

me additional cause for regrets at so unfortunate circumstance.

But my dear Fellow, go a-head, and now tell me all. By mail,

that you would have told me in person, had we been so fortunate

as to have again met in America before I left – and rest assured

my good Friend, that aught my present position can enable me to

do for you, will be done, with the greatest happiness. Then Mac, do not hesitate, if I can be of the least further use to you – do

not delay, I say, to immediately write, and before I leave

Scotland , let me know if I can possibly serve you, in

Any way while here, and believe me, you have no Friend

who were (?) happier to do all he can for you. I will gladly

[more to follow)

1842_May_17 pg 4 a friend.jpg (2311274 bytes)    

Letter dated Nov 24, 1857, from Patrick Macgregor to his cousin Niel Macgregor 

1857_November_24 pg 1 Patrick MacGregor.jpg (1441519 bytes)
Toronto, 24th Nov. 1857.
 Dear Cousin,
             The enclosed will inform you
that I have commercial business here
on my own account, my agreement with
Mowat having expired in August, when
he withdrew from office practice. If you
can throw anything in my way I will
feel obliged + I think you will have
no cause to regret doing so. While I
was Mowats’ partner I had charge of most
of his suits + we did not lose more than
one in twelve. I also made up many
of the opinions required, from different
parts of the province, + they stood the
test of subsequent lawsuits, in many cases.
I was called to the bar “with honors”, which
is reserved for those who show an unusual knowledge of law, on their examinations.
         I have got Augusta Christie with me, the
only surviving member of my sister Jessie’s
family - + we are all in ordinary good
health. Your step-mother died last spring


i.e. lawsuits

1857_November_24 pg 2 Patrick MacGregor.jpg (1667230 bytes)
Your brother Patrick was lately married to an
English lady - + Esther was afterwards mar
ried to a founder in paisley. Patrick +
James have given up the commission
business at Glasgow + they now carry
it on at Paisley exclusively  Our cousin
Patrick, Gregor’s son, has got the whole
dyeing establishment in his own hands
now + it is doing well.
          I was in Stormont county last month,
on business + on my return I made some
stay at Kingston, Napanee + Sheffield.
Thomas Ramsay is now at Kingston bursar (?)
to the new Lunatic Asylum there. He is
the same old character he ever was.
Donald McPherson holds on at the old
homestead. + Parr (?) Pringle is a slavering
idiot with drink. Niel Stewart +
his family were all well.
     With best wishes to all                I remain
                                    Yours affectionately
                                     Patrick MacGregor
Mr. Niel MacGregor}






















C.W. = Canada West, an old name for what is now Ontario.




TRANSCRIPTION OF NOTE BY ONE OF MINNIE MACGREGOR’S BROTHERS OR SISTERS after 1866, and as it was to one of Minnie (Mary Maud Macgregor) children born 1877, 1879, 1888 and they were likely old enough to read and understand it, this it was probably written in the early 1900s.


James Couse Macgregor  d. 1908


Ann Elizabeth Macgregor  d. 1933


Duncan Moses Macgregor d. 1905 in Liverpool, England


Neil Robert Macgregor d. 1929


Albert John Macgregor d. 1923


Charles Stewart Macgregor d. 1894 (NOT likely him)


Archibald Macgregor d. 1865 as an infant therefore NOT him.


Colin Campbell Macgregor d. 1942


Flora Catherine Macgregor d. 1958

Probably to William Arnott STEVENS from an AUNT OR UNCLE or possibly his sister Edith who died 1941. Other sister Margaret died 1899, so not likely to her.

Transcribed by Colin Stevens. Original note owned by Dr. Estelle Stevens


q       Mary Maud (“Minnie” Macgregor who married William STEVEN (STEVENS) was born in 1852.

q       St. C. = St. Catharines, Ontario.

q       “Riflo ???? = Probably a family name, possibly abbreviation.


 Your mother was born in St. C. 1852.

The family lived from 53 to 57 in

Beamsville, then in St. C. till 62,

then Niagara from 62 – 66. After

which St. C. again. Father was sheriff

or something and was moved about.

When Niagara was the county seat they

lived there, then it was moved to

St. C.



now ...

is tough down ...

these days, and no chance (?) of (?) ...

            Had an awful time getting away

from Riflo (?) They “begged + pleaded”

with me to stay all summer and I

know they really love having me

there. I had no definite excuse or

reason for coming away, except that I

don’t believe in staying as (?) long in

....(people’s?) houses. After I got back I

... I had come, as all

... was

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