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  1942 GPA 4545


Views of my Ford GPA 4545 

Here are some views of the interior of this GPA as found and as the gear stowed inside was gradually unpacked. 

Lionel Forge, who owned this amphibious jeep from 1957 until his death, kept it packed with spare parts, Scuba diving gear, camping gear etc. as he planned to travel again in the GPA.

1958-01_GPA4545_floorboards_removed.jpg (83990 bytes) c1967_GPA4545_tent_up_on_roof.jpg (43130 bytes) GPA_The_Amphib_as_found_Neil_Stevens_2001.jpg (68326 bytes)
This GPA about 1957 when Lionel was converting it. This is the orientation for all of the photographs below i.e. front (bow) to the top, and stern (rear) to the bottom of the page. 
This GPA about 1967-1968 during its travels, with a tent set up on its roof. 
The GPA as it looks now. Neil Stevens at the wheel. 




Engine compartment from port-left_side_low.jpg (51830 bytes)
Engine compartment from port-left_side.jpg (50687 bytes)
Engine compartment, port side. The engine is a later and larger model Jeep engine. Lionel Forge fitted a compressor on the front left corner - probably for the air conditioner. Luckily he kept the original winch clutch mechanism which fits in this position on the original engine. 
Interior_driver-s_control_area.jpg (55924 bytes) Interior_dash_right_sides.jpg (57034 bytes)
Driver's position with seat removed. The dash has been extensively modified. The newer instrument cluster is ironically from a Willys-Overland! The handle below to the left of the steering wheel is the bow vent control which still works. The pipe on the left is for the sump pump I believe, 
Passenger's side of cockpit. The tweo side vents controls still work. 
Driver-s_position.jpg (47285 bytes)
Driver's position. The two original rear lifting rings are sitting on the steering column to prevent their loss.
Driver-s_side_rear.jpg (47800 bytes) 

Interior_left_side_rear.jpg (40119 bytes)

Interior_rear_centre_storage_under_floor.jpg (48158 bytes)
Port side behind driver's position viewed from passenger's doorway before and after it was emptied of gear. 
Centre stowage under the floor. Gear was still packed. Looking aft from the passenger door. Note the civilian radio mounted. The orange shag carpet used to cover much more of the interior, but it was removed and discarded as it was so old and dirty. 
Interior_left_side_just_behind_driver-s_seat.jpg (51787 bytes) Interior_right_side_just_behind_passenger-s_seat.jpg (58725 bytes)
Port side just behind the driver's seat. Note the water bottle and decals on the window. The small round decal is an employee parking sticker for deHaviland Canada - Lionel Forge was an aircraft sheet metal man. He also drove this vehicle to work when he worked at AVRO helping to build the Arrow jet fighter. Another decal there is of a surfer.  Stowed above are aluminum poles for a tent. 
Starboard side just behind the passenger seat position. Note the water bottle. The decal on the window is a TURISTA one from Central America in the 1967-68 period. The black cable goes to a ceiling mounted air conditioner. Stowed above are aluminum poles for a tent.
Interior_left_side_compartment_lid_open.jpg (40870 bytes) Interior_rear_clear_boards.jpg (44746 bytes) Interior_rear_left.jpg (42825 bytes)
Small stowage locker on Port side over the rear wheelwell. 
Centre section looking aft (to the rear).
Starboard side over rear wheelwell. 
Interior_under_floor_centre_radio.jpg (45588 bytes) Interior_centre_section_middle_empty.jpg (45239 bytes)
Gear in forward portion of the centre section once first floorboard level had been removed. Looking forward. Before and after the gear was unpacked.  
Interior_storage_under_centre_floor_panel.jpg (49566 bytes) Interior_centre_stowage_prop_tunnel.jpg (58699 bytes)


Gear in rear portion of the centre section once first floorboard level had been removed.
Centre section after most of gear was removed. Last sub-floor plank is in place (screwed down) and under that is still some more stowed gear! The hump is the propeller tunnel. 
Interior_centre_section_radio.jpg (61316 bytes)
Interior_centre_section_floor_empty.jpg (45313 bytes)
Floorboards painted silver in the bottom of the centre storage section after the gear had been removed. Much more was found underneath this layer! 
Interior_rear_rudder_post_stowed.jpg (46998 bytes)
Interior_rudder_post_empty.jpg (44545 bytes)
Rudder steering post before and after stowed gear was removed. 
Interior_rear_panel_from_inside_right_side.jpg (45400 bytes)  Interior_rear_panel_in_foreground.jpg (45515 bytes) Interior_rear_panel_viewed_from_inside.jpg (40091 bytes)
Port rear corner of the rear panel of the GPA. Plywood floorboard removed for the photo.
Plywood floorboard removed for the photo. Centre rear looking over the original stern panel (red bar across the bottom). Everything above the red bar was added on by Lionel Forge. The hump in the centre is an extension of the propeller tunnel.
Plywood floorboard removed for the photo. Starboard corner of rear panel viewed from inside. On left of this photo is a fuel tank filler neck and beside it the pulley for the rudder steering cables.
Rear_original_stren_with_floorboard_removed-from_rear.jpg (72412 bytes)
Panoramic view of rear panel of GPA from the rear once the floorboard was removed. One can see the hump of the propeller tunnel extended in the added on section. The photo was taken from the left rear corner, looking forward. This area has since been vacuumed out. 


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