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Photos by Colin Macgregor Stevens. I hope you enjoy them.

Tall_Ships_2002_Nina_foremast.jpg (38926 bytes) Tall_ships_Europa_off_Nanaimo_2002-08-07_closeup.jpg (29591 bytes) Highrise_glass_in_fog&sun_Metrotown_Burnaby_2003_12_26.jpg (45860 bytes)
Replica of Christopher Columbus ship at Richmond, BC in 2002.
Dutch "tall ship" EUROPA off Nanaimo Harbour in 2002. 
High-rise glass building at Metrotown, Burnaby, British Columbia on Boxing Day, 2003 (Dec. 26.)
Neils_Benson_kite_at_sunset_Vancouver_BC_2003-11-29.jpg (46132 bytes) Burnaby_Village_Museum_2003-12-30.jpg (65491 bytes)  

Deer_Lake_Brook_green.jpg (166613 bytes)Derr_Lake_Brook_at_Burnaby_Village_Museum_2003-12-30.jpg (116987 bytes)

Neil's Benson kite in Vancouver, BC at sunset, 2003-11-29
Burnaby Village Museum's main street after the fresh snowfall, 2003-12-30.
Deer Lake Brook at Burnaby Village Museum, Burnaby, BC, Canada. Two seasonal views. Winter photo was taken 2003-12-30.
USS_Missouri_&_USS Arizona_April_2002_by_CMS.jpg (41201 bytes) Colin Stevens in moving Grizzly tank of Dr Bill Gregg 1985.jpg (56924 bytes) 2005-08-14 VJ Day Parade & Neil kite flying 050.JPG (216378 bytes)
On Right: 
the USS ARIZONA, sunk by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. The Arizona Monument is the white building over the sunken hulk.
On Left: USS MISSOURI upon whose deck the Japanese surrendered in 1945.
Yours truly going for a ride in Dr. William Gregg's Grizzly tank  (Canada built 188 of these, a version of the M4 Sherman) in October 1985. This tank is now at the RCA Museum in CFB Shilo, Manitoba. Obviously I did not take this photo, but I do like it.
Neil Stevens driving his father's 1944 Willys MB in the V-J Day Parade in Vancouver, BC, Canada in August, 2005. The front passenger is WWII veteran Sgt. Victor Louie of Force 136, S.O.,E. He parachuted behind Japanese lines in Malaya in 1945. Location is Vancouver's Chinatown.
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