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Canada's Maple Leaf "Canada Flag".    

Welcome to the web site of Colin Macgregor Stevens of British Columbia, Canada. 

This web site has information about Canadian military history as well as about my family.

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Subjects such as military jeeps, Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicles, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, First Special Service Force (Devil's Brigade), and their V-42 knife, BSA airborne bicycle, Welbike etc.








February 1942 production Willys W-LU 440-MPERS-1

 jeep in Canadian service.

F. Vernon Heakes with Se-5A fighter plane circa 1918.
He later became an Air Vice Marshall. 


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  1. Canadian Military Remembrance Society (CMRS) established in 2005, the Year of the Veteran in Canada. 

  2. The World of Military Wings by Chris Langley 

In memory of my youngest brother, 

Robert Duncan Stevens  1962-2001


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Special thanks to RICHARD PITT of Pitt Meadows for his hosting of this web site and his ongoing help over the years.

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