Drill Commands

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Drill Commands
Phonetic Alphabet (UK 1943)
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Drill commands differ between armies, and the Allies in WWII were no exception. 

Re-enactors want to get it right. Movie makers SHOULD get it right. Seeing an actor or extra doing incorrect drill, incorrect drill commands etc. spoils a movie where millions of dollars were spent on getting everything else correct. 

Here is a little leaflet published by the Canadian Army in June 1945 to show the AMERICAN and the CANADIAN "WORDS OF COMMAND".

Drill_Words_of_Command_US-CDN 1945_June.jpg (94800 bytes) Drill_Words_of_Command_US-CDN 1945_June_inside.jpg (191361 bytes)
Cover of the leaflet. 
The contents of this leaflet. 

From the Colin Macgregor Stevens' Collection.

Copyright Colin Stevens Updated: August 24, 2008
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