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I usually only own one or two military vehicles at a time due to storage space, finances, moving around the country etc. Here are photos of the historic military vehicles (HMVs) that I have owned over the years. Whenever I sell them, they have always gone to a good home.

Click on images to enlarge them.


Ex-Military Vehicles in Colin Stevens' Collection

1944 Willys MB

Jeep VDN-1121 as found 1987 at Brian Wood's storage.jpg (67996 bytes)
 SN VDN-1121. This jeep appears to have been a wireless jeep in the British Army (airborne modification), then served in an air force, and Norwegian Engineers and Norwegian Army Weapons and Technical Corps in Oslo (HVK). Sold surplus from Voss, Norway early 1985. To Atlantic Automotive in Kent (surplus dealer). To Brian Wood in Vancouver, BC. I bought it in 1996. In Brian Wood's storage facility, Burnaby, 1987. EXACTLY as he got it from Norwegians. Service and surplus  tags as well as  Norwegian food wrappers and labels were still in the jeep.
Jeep MB VDN-1121 with full canvas on.jpg (47384 bytes)
1997 photo showing my jeep with all of the original "G503" marked canvas that came with it.
MB VDN-1121 in Pitt Meadows, BC 2000.jpg (89103 bytes)
I still have it. Pitt Meadows, BC 2000.
Brig HP Bell-Irving & jeep.jpg (70836 bytes)
Brigadier H. P. Bell-Irving, "Liberator of Amsterdam", alongside my jeep at Battle of Britain Parade, Stanley Park, September, 2000.
MB & 6 Pr side view & wall FRH 2001 May.jpg (97971 bytes)MB & 6 Pr side view FRH Lwr Bty gate 2001 May.jpg (109808 bytes)MB & 6 Pr left rear 3 4 view FRH & wall 2001 May.jpg (99264 bytes)
Colin Stevens' Willys MB towing Ian Newby's 6 Pounder anti-tank gun at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site, near Victoria, BC. 2001 May.
IMGP5747.JPG (492173 bytes)  My jeep at the New Westminster Show & Shine 2006-08-20. Pretty ladies and children love to sit in the jeep for a photograph. 
For more photos of my jeep see:'_1944_willys_mb_photos.htm

1943 Welbike Mk. II 

SN 3839

Engine # XXE 4065

Original War Department number C5154639



As found August 2006 and as bought from Massacci family, Warren, Ohio in November 2006. Bike was sprayed with oil and stored over 30 years ago. Mr. Massacci found it when demolishing a house in Warren, Ohio about 30 years ago. He had salvage rights. Tires have split, clutch lever is missing and dome cover for carburetor is missing, otherwise it is all original and complete. The two parts were replaced with parts from Welbike 1253 above and new old stock (NOS) DUNLOP tires and tubes. It is now 100% complete and original

1954 Ferret Mark I

Hull # 392.B.5.4   

British War Department number 36 BA 66

CAR 54-82598

As bought 2007 April 1 from Bob Carter, Mill Bay, BC. Ex-Lord Strathcona Horse (Royal Canadians) and Combat Arms School. ALL ORIGINAL AND BASICALLY COMPLETE AND UNMODIFIED.

1953 M100CDN trailer

M38A1CDN2 CFR 67-07995 and M100CDN trailer 70216 in service 1985.jpg (67075 bytes)
 70216 being towed by M38A1CDN2 jeep 67-07995
M100CDN 70216 & M38A1CDN2 07995 at SHC.jpg (30545 bytes)
This is the SAME jeep and trailer as shown on left. I had bought the jeep surplus, but the trailer was still in service with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. I drove in and hooked it up for a photo session.
M100CDN 70216 as bought surplus.jpg (22615 bytes)
As it looked when I bought it. Army had sandblasted and repainted it, and reissued it to the Royal Westminster Regiment. The licence plate is an NOS one with the trailer's original CAR number (for display only).

BSA airborne bicycle1942



Original. Original tool pouch and tools since acquired. Came from California from daughter of man who rode it at University in Eastern USA.

Trailer similar to Willys MBT or Bantam T3


Purchased from Robert Morrison who bought it with a 1945 Ford GPW on eBay from a retired USMC man's family in California, USA.


FOR SALE $1,200


Ex-Military Vehicles Formerly Owned by Colin MacGregor Stevens

CMP F-8 as found in Surrey, BC junkyard.jpg (47047 bytes)

1941 Ford F-8

As found in Pacific Coast Car Pickup Ltd (Matt the Wrecker) in Surrey, BC late 1970s. Asking price was $400. Bought on 14 Aug. 1977 for $300.
CMP F8 Newby's front left 3-4 view at TRADEX 1999.jpg (20722 bytes)
CMP F8 Newby's side view at TRADEX 1999.jpg (20147 bytes)
Sold to Garry Moonie (Victoria, BC) and was partly restored and a background vehicle in movie Glitterdome (in background of a scene where person thrown out of a car). Restored by George Webster. Now in Ian Newby's collection, Aldergrove, BC. 
CMP F8 Colin Stevens with his second F-8 At Mayne Island BC 1977 Oct 22.jpg (30379 bytes)CMP F8 Colin Stevens with second F8 on BC Ferry Acquired F8 on Mayne Island BC 1977.jpg (44582 bytes)

1941 Ford F-8

On left as found, loading onto Ian Newby's trailer. On right, inside the ferry enroute to Vancouver, BC.
1941 Ford F-8 bought from John Dodds on Mayne Island in BC The cab was loosely sitting on the frame, but the original bows were still in place on the cargo box! In Canada this is a very rare occurrence.
The original DND number on this truck was 42-1-546. As I recall the DND number for the F8 above it was the same except the last two digits were reversed. This truck cost $150.
F8 cargo box ex-Colin Stevens at Courtenay BC.jpg (32994 bytes)
Parts vehicle for the above F-8. Some parts (box) were sold to Kevin Cosby, Courtenay, BC. This truck was later restored by Don Gordon of Victoria in 2000.
FRH 2001 May MB GPW C8 C15A & tents.jpg (75565 bytes)  FRH 2001 May Andy Hill leaning into 19 Set in back of CMP C8.jpg (71458 bytes) 
FRH 2001 May Andy Hill working 19 set in back of C8 hand in grill.jpg (71220 bytes) FRH2002_winners_WWII.jpg (85649 bytes)
The C8 shown in 2001 and 2002 at Fort Rodd Hill. Andy Hill is working the 19 Set.
CMP C15A as found.jpg (48501 bytes)

1942 (?) Chevrolet C15A

As bought for $300. As found. 
There was a wasp's nest in the driver's seat area as the farmer found out when he climbed in to start it up!
C15A as bought 1979.jpg (58320 bytes)
Colin driving it home after farmer put original wooden 2H1 body back on. August 1979. Photo by Peter J. Ford.
CMP - C15A towing 9 Pr.jpg (22853 bytes)
C15A at Fort Battleford National Historic Park towing 1885 North West Rebellion 9 Pounder to reposition it for a special event. C15A is in primer paint. Wood body not yet restored. Has earlier Cab 11/12 CMP  wooden tool box fitted though a proper steel one with tire carrier was later obtained. Original DND number and unit markings RCEME unit sign "88" were found on it. 
C15A sold to Herb Tuplin (a collector in western  Saskatchewan). Another Saskatchewan MV collector bought it from his estate after he died.
Jeep MB155796 as bought 1980 Lethbridge, AB.jpg (60149 bytes)

1942 Willys MB

MB155796. Shown as bought in Lethbridge, AB 1980 from the hunter who bought it in Saskatoon. ALL original markings were found on it - DND #, unit and formation sign.  In 1943 was DND 61-261 and was wireless jeep with Div Signals, 7 Cdn Div, Debert, NS. Found in Saskatoon by Peter J. Ford. 
New owner rebuilt it. Roadworthy, rust repaired, converted to 12Volt, but still needs a full restoration. Last owner sold it in 2000 to another collector and he sold it to a collector in Los Angeles, California, USA. .
F-8 as found in Estevan, SK.jpg (52469 bytes)

1941 Ford F-8

As found in a farmer's field in Estevan. Radiator, body parts etc. were in a shed. Bought for $50 c. 1984.
CMP F-8 ex-Estevan, now Moose Jaw, SK.jpg (45216 bytes)
Now restored in Moose Jaw, SK. Ron Hammond collection. Shown at the Moose Jaw Air Show in Saskatchewan c.1985.
CMP - F-8 from Ruddell, SK at Zwack's place.jpg (16637 bytes)

1941 Ford F-8 

Found in Mrs. Brown's farm field at Ruddell,  (between Saskatoon and North Battleford) Saskatchewan. Shown after salvage by Mickey Zwack of Prince Albert, SK. In his line of CMPs awaiting restoration.
CMP - Zwack's yard long row.jpg (57810 bytes)
Sold to Mickey Zwack of Prince Albert. This old photo shows it and some of his other 'projects'.
GPW 109582 as found by RCMP Richard Swanson DRB Exptl Stn.jpg (44128 bytes)

1943 Ford GPW jeep

SN GPW109582 Made 4-20-43. Original USA number 20371499. found in Estevan, SK. Windshield original markings: DEFENCE RESEARCH BOARD - EXPERIMENTAL STATION (i.e. Suffield, Alberta, post-WWII). I bought it from Richard Charles Swanson (RCMP) in North Battleford, SK. on 1981 June 16.
GPW 109582 in front of WWII garages at BCATP Estevan airport.jpg (40691 bytes)
Estevan, SK in front of WWII BCATP motor pool at airport.
GPW 109582 at Seaforth Armoury - MVPA COnvention 1983.jpg (76118 bytes)
At 1983 IMVCC (now MVPA) Convention, Seaforth Armoury, Vancouver, BC.
GPW 1943 April mfg in Estavan ex- EXPERIMENTAL STATION DRB.jpg (53600 bytes)
I painted it in brown.
GPW 109582 at Crown Surplus Store, Calgary.jpg (40647 bytes)
Sold to Gordon Cumming, owner of Crown Surplus Store in Calgary, AB, July 1985. He sold it to a collector.
CMP C15 Z5453378 lef side.jpg (58832 bytes)

1943 Chevrolet CMP C15

Original WD number Z5453378
CMP C15 Z5453378.jpg (44830 bytes)
Sold to Brian Wood of Vancouver, BC who later donated it to the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario. Now at Vimy House. I nicknamed the truck "OLD BILL" because:
  1. "OLD BILL" was a famous WWI and WWII British army cartoon character by Bruce Bairnsfather.
  2. This truck had served in the British Army as WD number  Z54543378.
  3. I obtained the truck from the estate of my friend Bill Legh, an Englishman.
" Old Bill" is second from the left. As shown on old web page of the Canadian War Museum when the vehicles were stored at Vimy House in Ottawa.
Old Bill as displayed 2006-11-11 sitting prominently on top of a bridge-laying tank. Not realistic, but certainly the most prominent truck! Easily visible from outside as it is at sidewalk level!
SOLD to Brian Wood who donated it to the Canadian War Museum.
MB119021 as found.jpg (80405 bytes)

1942 Willys jeep

W-LU 440-M-PERS-1
sn MB119021
Made 2-11-42 (Feb 11/42) on CDLV 242 (actually 241).
As found at Christina Lake, BC. It had just been brought from Alberta where is had personalized licence plate. This licence plate is now in the Frank Berg collection in Norway.
Jeep MB119021 MME camo.jpg (43971 bytes)
In Mickey Mouse Ear camouflage in Burnaby, BC.
MB119021 delivering it to FRHNHP.jpg (36334 bytes)
Delivering MB119021 to Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site. We towed it over then I drove it in and delivered it. They have stored it and plan to restore it - someday.  
Do not confuse it with an MB-BRT 1942 jeep that was restored and is on display at Fort Rodd Hill NHS in an outside cage and is now rusting badly due to the salty seaside air.
 SOLD back to Canadian Government for use at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site.
M38CDN jeep  CAR 52-31379.jpg (38006 bytes)

1952 M38CDN

CAR 52-31379

Original markings showed it was used by the GSO3, 1 Canadian Division. Shown during a test drive in 1990.
I only had it very briefly, was VERY original paint and markings and almost no rust. Sold to Mike Milne, Burnaby, BC who later sold it.
M38A1CDN2 CFR 67-07995 and M100CDN trailer 70216 in service 1985.jpg (67075 bytes)

1967 M38A1CDN2

CFR 67-07995

Photo show this jeep and M100CDN trailer 70216 in service with Seaforth Highlanders of Canada, with Australian co-driver shown during a breakdown in Alberta, 1985. Bought surplus from Albert Siemons c.1986-7
M38A1CDN CFR 67-07995 Front left view.jpg (61927 bytes)
I found the original wire cutter bar for THIS jeep (I could tell by the paint job) in attic of Seaforth Transport shed and soldier who had made it, gave it and some other to me. Inside the jeep I found spent  7.62 mm NATO shell casings from the last range practice the jeep was on.
M38A1 CFR 67-07995 low view.jpg (41354 bytes)
I SOLD it to another 'collector' in BC who removed the wire cutter removed and civilianized the jeep  eventually. It has gone through several owners and is still on the road in B.C.

BSA in surf being dragged.jpg (105192 bytes)
D-Day - a solider or Royal Marine dragging his $@$#% bicycle ashore. 1944 June 06.
BSA airborne bicycle, single seat stem model. Very complete and original. Came out of a basement in Victoria, BC. Original war grade tires. 
cbsa.jpg (27876 bytes)
On display at Fort Rodd Hill, May 1999.
I never rode it and as it is very original, including the grips, seat, brakes, War Grade tires and one War Grade inner tube.
BSA-GPW-C47.jpg (63358 bytes)
On display at CFB Comox, summer 1999 next to 1943 Ford GPW jeep (Ian Newby's) and C-47 Dakota (Comox Air Force Museum).
BSA Colin's folded.jpg (164693 bytes)
BSA Colin's open.jpg (298955 bytes)
There are some painted markings on the seat tube which were painted over by the British Army. I have not yet uncovered these. I wonder what its history was? The old transfers (decals) were also covered by the army repaint job.
TRADED in 2001

BSA airborne bicycle.

Single seat stem model. Bare frame only.
BSA_naked_frame.jpg (150860 bytes) BSA_parts_pedals_2.jpg (61399 bytes)
SOLD to a collector in Ottawa, Ontario. 

BSA airborne bicycle, restored by the late Ken Messenger in Ontario. 

TRADED to Michael DesMazes in Burnaby, BC in 2003.

1942 Ford GPA amphibious jeep.

Serial number GPA 4545 I believe. It is registered as "USA 7012118" but this is a number from a later GPA. Acquired in July 2001. 
GPA as found 1955 in Levy yard Toronto It is middle one.jpg (63079 bytes)
This GPA as it sat in Levy's surplus yard in Toronto, Ontario in 1957 when Lionel Forge bought it. It is the middle one of three in a row.
GPA being converted circa 1955.jpg (76487 bytes)  This GPA when Lionel was converting it for world travel. 
GPA as found 1990.jpg (56402 bytes)  As found in 1990. That is Lionel on the right. He died 11 years later in 2001 and I acquired it from his estate.

1943 Welbike Mark II

Serial number 1253. 

WD number not known.


Willys MB jeep1942

MB-BRT (i.e. MB on British contract.)

SN MB 127345

Date 3-13-42  (March 13, 1942)

USA Registration number in drab blue:

(U.)S.A. (20)??88?? ? "S. A" from U.S.A. was found and part of number, what appeared to be the tops of "88" 

Another number, in white paint was partly recovered. It was applied over top of the USA number. Last three digits 278 were found. This is likely a British War Department number.

As found. Purchased in 2007 from Grant Hopkins of Saanich, BC. He bought it from a fellow on Goudge Island, near where the ferry comes in from Vancouver to Schwartz Bay. Rusty but very original. Has all three seats, radio filter, original gas tank complete with rubber insert to keep items from falling into gas tank well at front edge. Hood is a later one (no wind deflector under the leading edge) and has a hole at the front  and centre which suggest that it had a General officer's flag staff fitted. Vehicle had original green paint underneath but is typical of those sent to North Africa in 1942 - some of which were used by the LRDG, SAS and PPA.  UNRESTORED. NOT RUNNING.

SOLD to Vince Hands of Maple Ridge for restoration.

Copyright Colin Stevens Updated: August 24, 2008
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