My 1944 MB

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My 1944 MB

Colin Stevens' jeep on display at New Westminster Show & Shine, 2006-08-20. Children and pretty young ladies love to sit in it to get their photograph taken. This lady's name is Olga. 



Colin Stevens' 1944 MB at Fort Rodd Hill in May 2001, towing a 1942  6 Pr Anti-tank gun.
FRH2002_MB_Stevens&FRH.jpg (101821 bytes)
Isabelle, a staff-member at Fort Rodd Hill, driving Colin's jeep May 19, 2002. She is followed by Erin in one FRH's two Willys MB jeeps, a 1942 MB-BRT.

Photographs of Colin Macgregor Stevens' 1944 Willys MB. This jeep was built in Toldeo Ohio, USA  c. 1944-45. The Original USA number appears to be 20737814. The original serial number and date are not known as the Norwegian military issued their own vehicle serial number.  It served in the British Army apparently, apparently as a wireless jeep in the Airborne. It also served as an air force jeep (dark blue paint was found on most of it), possibly as a navy jeep (grey paint), as a Norwegian Army Engineers jeep, and as a Norwegian Army Technical Corps jeep is Oslo, Norway. It was sold surplus out of the Arsenal of the West Coast, Voss, Norway in early 1985. The Norwegian military registration number was 5583.

As I had the jeep at the Abbotsford Air Show, I have added in a few photos of some nice aircraft


jeepshed.jpg (26776 bytes) Colin & jeep at BCR 300 DPI 50%.jpg (64214 bytes) DesMazes in Colin's jeep.jpg (80905 bytes) Colin with jeep at Abbotsford Airshow 2000 Aug.jpg (93287 bytes) Camouflaged jeep at Mission Father's Day.jpg (82454 bytes)
Camouflaged but only partial markings. 1999.
At Beatty Street Drill Hall, Vancouver, BC November 1999.
Michael DesMazes wearing a WWII RCAF uniform at Abbotsford Air Show, Aug 2000. Jeep now in RCAF markings. Note BSA folding airborne bicycle.
Captain Colin Stevens in his current issue air force uniform with jeep. 
At the Father's Day Show at Mission, BC. Parked next to a white Hummer. Some people walked right past the camouflaged jeep without noticing it.  2000  June
Mission_BC_parade_-_Colin_Nick_Harrison_etc..jpg (56811 bytes) MB & 6 Pr left rear 3 4 view FRH & wall 2001 May.jpg (99264 bytes) MB & 6 Pr side view & wall FRH 2001 May.jpg (97971 bytes) FRH 2001 May 1944 MB in front of canteen.jpg (94839 bytes) FRH2002_MB_Stevens&FRH.jpg (101821 bytes)
Mission, BC September 2000 parade. Left to tight: Colin Stevens, Nick Harrison, nick's wife Rebecca, and his father who was in HQ Coy, 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion in WWII.
MB towing 6 Pr anti-tank gun. 2001 May.
MB towing 1942 6 Pr anti-tank gun at Fort Rodd Hill. 2001 May
MB in front of old canteen at Fort Rodd Hill. 2001 May.
Isabelle, FRH staff member, driving Colin's jeep.


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