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Flag GOC First Cdn Army - Crerar's jeep flag.jpg (58384 bytes) Crest - Canadian Army QC.jpg (63395 bytes) Decal - Join You Local Militia Unit 600 dpi.jpg (35713 bytes)
General Officer Commanding, First Canadian Army (General Crerar's personal jeep flag from his ADC)
Canadian Army (Queen's Crown 1950s-1960s)
Western Command club decal.jpg (42329 bytes) Decal - Mobile Command 1967.jpg (48796 bytes) Decal - Canadian Forces.jpg (101027 bytes)
Western Command 
Mobile Command 1967 
Canadian Armed Forces / Canadian Forces
RCAF roundel WWII.jpg (56807 bytes) Crest - RCAF QC on white.jpg (60245 bytes) Roundel - modern CAF.jpg (33236 bytes)
RCAF roundel -  WWII
Royal Canadian Air Force (Queen's Crown 1950s-1960s)
CAF Roundel -  modern

Here are some units that are of special interest to me.


bullet 1837 Cutting out of the CAROLINE Neil MacGregor was there.jpg (124330 bytes)  Canada Militia (1837 Rebellion) Neil MacGregor was in the cutting out party for the rebel ship Caroline.
bulletOntario Rifles (1870 Northwest Rebellion) (Pte. MacGregor - son of Neil)
bulletWinnipeg Field Battery (1885 Northwest Rebellion) (Pte. MacGregor - another son of Neil)
bulletQueen's Own Rifles (1885 Northwest Rebellion) (Paymaster Heakes)
bullet19th. Lincoln Regiment/19th. St. Catharines Regt./Lincoln & Welland Regiment (family regiment)
bulletMcGill Siege Battery (8" Howitzers in WWI) (Sgt. Harold Harty Heakes.
bulletRoyal Flying Corps (Capt. William Arnott Stevens and Francis Vernon Heakes)
bulletRoyal Air Force Canada (Capt. W. A. Stevens)
bulletCanadian Air Force (F. V. Heakes)
bulletRoyal Canadian Air Force (Air Vice Marshall Francis Vernon Heakes; Dorothy Heakes (Vernon's daughter); Jack McQueen (Dorothy's husband)
bulletW Force - Newfoundland (Lieut. A.H. Stevens. ADC to GOC General Page)
bulletEssex Scottish Regiment (father Lieut. A. H. Stevens served in it in 1943 overseas)
bulletNo. 4 Commando (father Lieut. A.H. Stevens was attached to in it overseas in 1943)
bulletHMCS Trail (Corvette) Uncle Alf Heakes was a wireless operator on board her in the North Atlantic)
bulletSouth Alberta Light Horse (?)  Capt Bob Inglis
bullet Capt Bob Inglis on Ex Muskox 1946 with his snowmobile.jpg (55988 bytes)  Winter exercises: Ex-Lemming; Ex. Eskimo; Exercise Musk-Ox;   Capt Bob Inglis commanded snowmobile #8. Later liaison officer to USMC in arctic.  
bullet1st Hussars (?)  - George Inglis (commanded Duplex Drive Sherman tank swam it ashore at D-Day Normandy, went to end of war)
bulletCanadian Army Medical Corps (WWI  - Mary McKay; Gordon McKay (KIA) 
bulletRCEME (?) - Bill O'Laughlin
bulletRoyal Canadian Army Medical Corps - WWII Major Eleanor Ely & Post-war - Lt. Col. Dr. A.H. Stevens, Captain Dr. Estelle Stevens)
bulletHMCS Chippawa Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Ordinary Seaman Colin Stevens; Ordinary Seaman David Stevens)
bulletHMCS Gatineau (Ordinary Seaman Colin Stevens) (I served on board this Destroyer Escort during cruise from Halifax to Victoria, BC via Bermuda [where I listened to the live radio broadcast of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon), Panama, Manzanillo, Accapulco, San Diego.
bulletQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada (Officer Cadet and 2/Lt) (I served in it 1969-70)
bulletSeaforth Highlanders of Canada (2/Lt to Captain) (I served in it 1970-1975; 1977)
bulletCanadian Scottish (Princess Mary's) Regiment  (Captain) (I served in it)
bulletHarbord Cadet Corps  Toronto (Cadet Lieut. Harold Harty Heakes) 1912
bulletLincoln & Welland Cadets - Arnott Hume Stevens - drummer boy) (late 1930s) 
bulletRoyal Canadian Air Cadets 18 Lions Sqn. (LAC) (Dartmouth, NS) and 583 Coronation Sqn. (Captain Colin Stevens, Sgt. Suzie Stevens, Cpl. Neil Stevens) (Maple Ridge, BC) 
bulletSt. Thomas Ontario (Bob Inglis - drummer boy) (1930s)
bullet15 Field Regt. RCA Cadets - Sgt. Beth Reid) (1970s)


bulletSpecial Operations, Executive (Twelve Force; Force 136; Force 133; F Section; Camp X/Project J/25-1-1; British Security Co-ordination etc.)
bullet1 Canadian Parachute Battalion  Pte. Cliff Douglas; Lieut. Peter Insole;  etc.
bulletFirst Special Service Force (The Devil's Brigade) (Guy d'Artois, Lt. Larry Story etc.) 
bulletCanadian Airborne Regiment
bulletMI-9 (Lucien Dumais & Ray Labrosse)
bulletSpecial Air Service (Keith McClellan)
bulletPopski's Private Army (Capt. Campbell)
bulletCanadian Special Air Service Company (CO of the Sqn Guy d'Artois; Bob Blackwell)
bulletRCAF (Squadron Leader 'Hap' Kennedy)
bulletLuftwaffe (General Adolf Galland - Battle of Britain, Commander of German fighter planes by end of WWII. Friend of my father's.)
bulletRoyal Naval Air Service - Raymond Collishaw (I corresponded with him) 60 victories in WWI. 
bulletBelgian SAS Company (5 SAS)   and founder of the recent Belgium Paracommando - WWII Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Edouard "Eddie" Blondeel DSO (I corresponded with him). He passed away on 23 May 2000 at the age of 94 (information from Kurt van Looke, Chairman of  Popski's Private Army Preservation Society 2008).
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