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Restoration is a challenge as spare parts are very hard to find, and there are far more incomplete bicycles out there than there are spare parts.

The British WWII paint colours are generally not easy to obtain outside of the UK. You may well have to have yours custom mixed.

If you paint it (and especially if you remove the old paint) then you also lose the original decals ("transfers").

The best advice is always to start with the most complete and original bicycle that you can.

If yours has original WAR GRADE tires, DO NOT RIDE IT!  If you insist on riding your bike, get generic tires of the same size, as there is NO supply of WAR GRADE tires that I know of.

A BSA airborne bicycle in excellent original condition and original WAR GRADE tires should NOT be ridden! You will wreck it! Old rubber and leather is much weaker than it looks. It is better to display it as is and to preserve both the bike and its value. You cannot replace the WAR GRADE tires if they blow or wear out. Bikes acquired for riding in parades and in military re-enactments should be poorer condition and be rebuilt for the purpose, or at the very least have modern tires fitted. One or two BSA airborne bicycle owners have written to me looking for replacement seats as their broke while they were riding the bikes. On my first bike, one of the straps holding the tool pouch broke - even with careful handling! The paint also was scratched.
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